Wedding & Portrait Packages/Prices

Wedding Photography

AN OFFER FOR 2020 – If you book wedding photography 2020 we can offer a wedding highlight film for the very low price of 3000SEK – see details further down…

I divide my wedding photography into five different parts:

A. Preparation – everything from late morning up until the portrait session starts.

B. Portraits – a couple of hours of good fun. All kinds of pictures, both informal and formal. If we have enough time (you decide how much time you want to spend) we go to a few different locations to get a great variation of settings, colours and light. If you’d rather spend less time taking the portrait pictures, or want to do the shooting after the ceremony, it’s easily arranged as well.

C. Ceremony – I document the ceremony, whether it’s in a church, at the ocean side or in your living room.

D. Toast & Mingling – I go with you to the reception location and cover when you arrive, the toast and the mingling. It means more informal pictures of you, your guests and the beginning of the reception. Normally I will also get a chance to document the table decoration and other details of the venue. I leave around the time you sit down for dinner.

E. Dinner & Dance – From the first champagne to the party dance moves – I’m there. I’ll cover the details of the dinner, the cake cutting magic and the partying on the dance floor. You probably won’t be disappointed when you see the pictures, but maybe surprised…

Based on this I offer five standard packages (prices apply to bookings made after August 15th 2019):

Bronze (B – only portraits) about 2 hours of shooting/50-100 images –  5900SEK
Silver (B+C – I leave after the ceremony) about 4 hours of shooting/100-150 images – 7500SEK
Gold (B+C+D – I leave after toast and mingling) about 6 hours of shooting/150-200 images –  8500SEK
Diamond (B+C+D+E – I leave around midnight) – about 10 hours of shooting/200-300 images –  10500SEK
(A+B+C+D+E – I arrive late morning) about 14 hours of shooting/300-400 images – 12000SEK

All prices are incl vat (inkl moms) and excl travel expenses (3,50SEK/km).

Included in every package:

  • A one hour planning meeting (in Ystad) over a cup of coffee
  • 2 – 14 hours of shooting
  • 8-12 hours of post-processing work
  • A shared Dropbox folder with all images in full resolution for downloading
  • All images resized and optimized for Facebook and for screen viewing
  • Web gallery with optional password for at least 6 months, all pictures easily downloadable for guests
  • Every image individually converted, adjusted and post processed
  • Life time license for private unlimited use of the full resolution images


For the weddings 2020 I collaborate with my daughter Sofia. She is 15 years old and starting out her own wedding film company – Sofia Thun Videography.  She is building up her portfolio during the fall and next year , and while doing that she charges a low price of 3000SEK (for new bookings after Sep 1st 2019 if you also book any wedding photography package) for a wedding highlight film – 5-8 minutes long (made from 4-14 hours of filming and about 10 hours of postprocessing) similar to those normally costing multiple times that amount. You also get a 1-minute version suitable for Instagram. To check out if it’s something you are interested in – here is an example from August 2019:

Talk to me if it is something you are interested in booking, and we’ll show up as a team covering both still photos and filming. As mentioned – it is a highlight movie, and full speeches and full ceremony are not covered.

Portrait Photography

I offer a special Portrait service in Ystad – Miljöporträtt. Here’s a description in Swedish:

För dig som vill ha varierade och häftiga porträttbilder – Miljöporträtt.

Det innebär att vi under 1 1/2 till 2 timmar åker runt till olika ställen i Ystadtrakten och tar olika typer av porträttbilder i varierade miljöer.

Årstid eller väder spelar ingen roll (ja vi undviker väl ösregn), det finns alltid fina miljöer att välja på.

Du får åtminstone 40-60 digitala högupplösta och varierade bilder som du kan använda precis som du vill för privat bruk, även i sociala medier. Inget urval sker efteråt, du får samtliga bilder som blir bra, och det ingår i grundpriset. Jag lägger ner 3-4 timmar på kreativt efterarbete där varje bild bearbetas helt individuellt.

Miljöporträtt About 1 1/2 – 2 hours of shooting/At least 40-60 images – 2500SEK inkl moms och körning i Ystadtrakten.